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General Questions

Yes please contact someone in sales to get started.

No. We do not provide call center campaigns nor do we make any automated phone calls.

Please make yourself aware of the following prior to calling anyone (even before calling us). Make sure you have both an updated copy of the TCPA and the TSR in your possession along with an understanding of ALL laws associated.

  • Do Not Call Registry
  • FTC & the Telemarketing Sales Rule
  • FCC & the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • PBX Operators
  • Account Collections
  • Call Centers
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Customer Retention
  • Market Research
  • Opinion Polling
  • Political Campaigns
  • Inbound IVR Applications
  • Telephony Consultants
  • Short answer is no. Contact to see if there is any opportunities for a bilateral or reciprocal agreement.

    Easily by contacting or the chat application in the lower right of the page.

    No. We do not provide data lists or leads for calling campaigns.

    Technical Questions

    For our conversational traffic we have ability to provide a second IP as a failover option. For our dialer customers this is available only on special request.

    We prefer to set expectation of 24 hours to setup a new customer. Taking that into account during normal business hours a new customer can be taken through testing phase in under 1 hour.

    NPA-NXX billing is a spreadsheet file that provides a line by line rate for every NPA-NXX combination in the USA and Canada.

    Yes. Industry standard we will require a copy of your current bill and a few extra pieces of information to be successful porting.

    For some services and applications Yes. Contact sales with exact details of what you are looking for and someone will assist you.

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